Criminal Justice Reform

A Legacy of Racism

Criminal justice system reform is long overdue. Mass incarceration and the war on drugs have been colossal failures that disproportionately affect people of color because of the United States’ historical legacy of racism. We need to confront this history and pass meaningful reform to help right the wrongs that have burdened people of color for generations.


Sam supports the federal legalization of cannabis. With this, we need to release those incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses and erase past marijuana convictions. 

End Cash Bail

Bail has been used as a tool to keep poor people in jail. It needs to end. 

For-Profit Prisons

The idea that we have allowed corporations to profit off incarceration is an absolute moral failure. It directly contributes to mass incarceration and is rooted in the marginalization of people of color. For-profit prisons and detention centers should be completely outlawed. 

Real Change Now

Sam will support legislation that helps transform our current system. Failures in current policies have real consequences which have destroyed the lives of real people time and time again. This is not an issue we can sit on - comprehensive criminal justice reform is needed now