Medicare for All

Healthcare as a Human Right

It is past time the United States joined almost every other developed nation in the world by providing universal healthcare. Allowing health insurance companies to profit billions of dollars off our illnesses has been a colossal policy failure. We can do better. We must.

Improving and Expanding Medicare

Full vision, dental, and mental health care will be covered. 


We need a system that works for everyone. No one should go bankrupt for getting sick.   

Lower Medication Costs

Prescription drug costs will be brought down. Pharmaceutical companies will no longer be given free reign to crush families seeking life-saving medications.   


We must invest in research into new drugs and technologies that help eliminate diseases and alleviate pain. 

Economic Freedom

When health care is treated as a fundamental human right, life gets better for everyone. With more money in their pockets, people become unburdened to pursue bigger dreams. Those shackled to bad jobs for mediocre healthcare benefits can be free to aspire to better opportunities. 

Guaranteed Healthcare

Sam pledges to do everything he can to ensure everyone is given the best healthcare possible. Beyond the fact that universal healthcare is the logical and reasonable step toward a better and healthier future, it's also just the right thing to do. Let's do the right thing together.