Voting Rights

Every Vote Counts

One of our democracy’s most important fundamental structures is under attack. Protecting our right to vote is essential and improving it will strengthen our democracy. We need to legislate a better federal standard for our elections in this country to keep them secure and allow for easy and accessible voting.

Automatic Voter Registration

When you turn 18, you can participate in our democracy. An automatic registration needs to be mandated for everyone who meets that criteria.

Same-day Registration

States will be required to offer same day registration giving people a fail-safe in case they are left off the voter rolls.

Election Day Holiday

A good government should want to make voting as easy as possible. Giving people a day off will make it easier for citizens to perform their civic duty. 

Mail-In-Ballots and Early Voting

States will be required to allow for voting by mail and a minimum of 15 days of early voting. 

No more voter suppression

Enforce laws to stop illegal voter purging, poll closures, and gerrymandering.


Hand marked, voter verified paper ballot machines that include the highest levels of protection should replace outdated systems.   

Your Vote Matters

Sam supports Warren’s plan to Strengthen Our Democracy and once elected will fight to ensure those plans are enacted.